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Blood Porcupine Dates

The porcupine that produces Blood porcupine dates lives in volcanic areas and the population has since been exploited, resulting in scarcity of Blood porcupine dates. The colour is red in and out, and has a very solid texture. One can taste its extreme bitterness just by a light dab on the tongue. It has the best quality and highest value of porcupine dates.


Pink Porcupine Dates

Pink porcupine dates are obtained from healthier and stronger porcupines. The bezoar is formed using a longer time. A pink porcupine date is usually reddish brown, pink or chocolate brown in colour. It has a smoother surface and a solid texture that feels sturdier than other dates. Fine lines can be seen if it is cut horizontally and it has a very strong scent of Chinese herbs. It taste more bitter than sweet and has high medical efficacy.


Quasi-pink Porcupine Dates

Porcupine dates are formed uniquely by different porcupines living in distinct environment, physique, and diet. A quasi-pink porcupine date is usually reddish brown, pink, and greenish brown in colour. Its surface commonly appears to be rougher and can be seen combined with twigs and grasses. The texture is softer in comparison, and tastes bittersweet. Its efficacy is almost the same as pink porcupine dates, and it has a lower price.


Grass Porcupine Dates

The appearance of a grass date is the roughest, and it is greenish brown in colour. With grass and leaves mixed within, it’s soft like semi-powder dates and tastes bitter. Grass porcupine dates are the cheapest among the others, but they also have high medical efficacy.

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