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Porcupine Date Market Phenomenon

There are 3 types of dates available in the market, they are genuine porcupine dates, fake porcupine dates and semi-genuine porcupine dates.

Genuine Porcupine Dates

Genuine porcupine dates are obtained purely from a porcupine, and it usually produces more than 1 date. The dates are purely herbs and will be most beneficial to consumers.

Fake Porcupine Dates

Fake porcupine dates are not produced by porcupines. These dates are usually made up of herbs, western medicines, and edibles. They do not contain any of the nutrients from a genuine porcupine date and might contain harmful substances. Fake porcupine dates do not work as efficiently as the genuine ones, and they might even cause health problems if they are mixed with steroid by unethical traders. Steroid might be useful to treat sicknesses like cancer, cerebral edema, chronic lung disease, arthritis, asthma, skin diseases, and meningitis, providing temporary pain relief. However, according to a research conducted by United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), steroid will cause many severe side effects on organs, including gastorrhagia, diabetes, obesity, damaging liver and kidney, osteoporosis, facial and body edema, acne, increasing heart attack and stroke risks, and many more side effects that might cause permanent and irreversible damage.

Semi-genuine Porcupine Dates

Semi-genuine Porcupine Dates are made up of genuine porcupine date, combined with other herbal and western medicines. The newer method of producing a semi-genuine porcupine date is to combine porcupine innards and food remains in its body. The food remains might smell and work the same as genuine dates, the other ingredients, however, might be harmful to our health. Experts can verify that they are only semi-genuine by observing their appearance and fibre particles of the surface, but some people still claim that they helped improve their health. The reason is probably the genuine ingredients, herbs or steroid that it contains. Do not consume before truly identifying what type of date it is.

How To Indentify

Counterfeit products are common when the value of a product is high. Counterfeit porcupine dates are also available in the market and are commonly sold to customers or even traders. Below is a list of compiled keys on identifying a genuine porcupine date:


There are usually many shades of colours but it all boils down to the four major colours: Brown, green, black and red; the colour yellow can be found in the centre. Use wet cloth to wipe and assure the colour of the date is not stained.


The shape of a porcupine date varies according to the porcupine’s physique and genetics, and it can cause the surface to be uneven. Under a microscope, a genuine porcupine date will appear to be shiny of its fibre particles. Counterfeit porcupine dates look identical and the streaks will appear to be almost the same.

Lines in Inner Surface

Porcupine dates have naturally formed fine lines without gaps on its inner surface, and residues on surface will crumble upon touching. On the other hand, the fine lines of counterfeit dates are neatly arranged with gaps shown.


Porcupine dates smell and taste bittersweet, some does not smell and some have stronger flavours. Certain porcupine dates taste a little sour or smell like woods. After placing powdered porcupine dates under tongue for 1 or 2 minutes, the taste will increase production of saliva, and that does not happen if a counterfeit porcupine date is used. It will instead taste bitter and a little like western or Chinese medicines.

Porcupine dates are unique because every porcupine has a different habitat and diet, so if some porcupine dates look and smell identical, they are probably counterfeit products.

News Reports

Counterfeit products are common when the value of a product is high. Counterfeit porcupine dates are also available in the market and are commonly sold to customers or even traders at exorbitant prices. News reports have shown similar cases to raise awareness. Buyers are advised to buy from trustworthy sellers, and able to identify the source and authenticity of porcupine dates before purchasing to avoid being cheated.

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