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What Are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, that plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes. Amino acids has long been known that they help the immune system combat and control certain illnesses, thus they are extremely essential to us as a key to maintain our health.

There are many types of amino acids and protein is made up of 20 different amino acids. However, the human body is only able to generate 10 types of amino acids. The rest of the 10 are usually called non-essential amino acids, and they can be obtained from outside source.The lack of dietary protein and resulting shortage in amino acids will cause a number of health problems. Having a protein-rich, healthy diet with enough amino acids is vital to boost your metabolism.

Porcupine dates are authenticated to contain more than 10 types of amino acids that can help recover many types of health problems.


Prevents urolithiasis, boosts metabolism, reduces the risk of diabetes, and improves strength.


Improves recovery of all muscle tissue, strengthens immune system, acts as healing properties for liver, significantly improves sperm quality and fertility, reduces cholesterol, and improves blood circulation.


Aspartic Acid

Able to treat heart disease, reduces cholesterol, improves liver function, fights fatigue, helps perform detoxification, improves cardiovascular health, increases oxygen levels that could help protect the heart when having poor coronary circulation.


Stabilises blood sugar levels, aids in muscle formation, stimulates growth hormone, reverses a fatty liver, treats arthritis, and improves recovery of all muscle tissue. Leucine deficiency will cause blood sugar levels to be low thus causing symptoms like dizziness, migraine, fatigue and depression.



Improves appetite and sleep, strengthens body, improves brain function, increases immune system and hemochrome, helps retain calcium, and reduces risk of heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. Essential to people at older age or poor health condition.


Helps prevent cancer cells from growing, maintains brain function, treats brain diseases well due to its ability to overcome blood brain barrier. Reduces melatonin and treats vitiligo.



Improves metabolism that can reduce body fat, maintains immune system, aids muscle growth, and acts as pain reliever.


: Acts as protein balancer, helps to form tooth enamel, assists in healthy liver, heart, and spinal cord function, improves skin rebuilding. It also prevents fatty liver and improves digestive system. Threonine deficiency may cause fatty liver disease and kidney failure.

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