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What is a Porcupine Date?

The Last of Miracle Cure - The Greatest of Medicines, Porcupine Date


The Last of Miracle Cure - The Greatest of Medicines, Porcupine Date

Malayan Porcupine Dates, Old World Porcupine Dates, they are all the names of one of the rarest Chinese medicine.

A porcupine date is a bezoar, a mass of food trapped in porcupine’s digestive system. The rare and natural remedy has been long used in communities, and it is able to cure cancer. To be able to know how valuable it is, we have to learn about the Malayan porcupines as well. The meat, stomach, liver, gallbladder, quill, and fat of a Malayan porcupine can all be used as natural remedies that are considered as medicines with high protein, low fat, calcium, minerals and many other beneficial nutrients.

Malayan porcupine, a mammal that lives in the forest with its body covered with spine, has a strong vitality that makes it heal quickly from illnesses. Its vitality can be traced back to their eating habits. Porcupines are herbivores, they especially like to eat bitter stems and roots of plants because plants that have bitter roots are herbs.

Therefore, porcupine itself has the ability of perform detoxification. Whenever a porcupine is injured or ill, it will seek for herbs to consume. After the herbs are digested, the porcupine will recover rapidly. The remainder of the consumed herbs in its body will be mixed with its endocrine secretion and will be accumulated and form a stone-like matter after some time.

The physique, strength, genetic structure of each porcupine and the environment of herbs it consumes will affect the structure of its porcupine date. This is also the reason why the appearance, texture, size, quality, and colour of each porcupine date is different. The longer a porcupine date accumulates in the body of the porcupine, the greater the volume will be. Thus it would accordingly accumulate more medical nutrients and improve its quality.

However, not all porcupines produce porcupine dates. It is said that the percentage of a porcupine that produces a porcupine date is low and even if there is, it would only be one porcupine date in a porcupine, which makes it expensive. All porcupine dates are unique so it would take an expert to distinguish a genuine porcupine date from a counterfeit one!

Medical benefits of porcupine dates – According to traditional Chinese medicine records, porcupine dates had been used for medical purposes by our ancestors and indigenous. Now with the progress of medical science, porcupine dates have also been recognised for its efficacy and value.


Porcupines are different from hedgehogs and they are commonly mistaken as each other.

The hedgehog is covered by short, thick spines on its back and body and fur on its head, tail, and bottom, complete with a long and pointy mouth. Most of hedgehogs are five-toed and plantigrade, while rarer hedgehogs are four-toed. Hedgehogs have 36 – 44 sharp teeth and prey on insects. When the hedgehog feels threatened, it curls up into a ball and the quills stick up as a defensive barrier. Hedgehogs are mammals from the family of Erinaceidae. The most common hedgehogs are the European hedgehogs, that are usually found in European countries, North Asia, Southern China and over the Yangtze River basin. Hedgehogs usually hibernate during winters, and they are referred to as “Melon Thief” in Sunan.

Porcupines have sharp needle-like quills on its body as defensive barrier, and are usually in brown, grey, and white colour. Different species of porcupines have different shapes of quills, attached to its skin. Old World porcupines have their quills in stalks, whereas New World porcupines (American porcupines) have their quills in their hair. The quills of a porcupine are sharp, shed easily, and can inflict wounds to enemies. The end of each quill has a small barb that snags the flesh, keeping the quill stuck in the enemy’s skin.

Porcupine in Malay is called Landak.

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